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Matt Miller, DDS

Matt Miller, DDS is a general dentist based out of San Antonio, Texas with a passion for IV sedation and oral surgery.  Dr. Miller first came to San Antonio in 2014 after finishing his undergraduate degree at the University of Texas in his hometown, Austin.

Dr. Miller grew to love San Antonio over the course of four years of dental school and two additional years of advanced residency training and is proud to have his roots set here.  Dr. Miller chose to be a general dentist, because he enjoys all aspects of dentistry, including comprehensive care and advanced dental procedures. In his residency program, he became enthusiastic about sedation and dental surgery and dreamed of a way to maximize his ability to provide these services in a private practice setting.

Dr. Miller's practice style is unique in that he travels where there is need. Sedation dentistry is ideal for dental surgery to ease anxiety and provide care in the comfortable, familiar setting of your normal dental office.  Dental surgery doesn't have to be an unpleasant experience and his goal is to provide a gentle, honest and transparent approach to help you meet your goals.  A few of the procedures he focuses on include routine and complex extractions, wisdom teeth, bone grafting, and dental implants. 

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