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If you develop a cavity, tooth-colored fillings can prevent additional damage and restore your smile to a healthy, vibrant condition. At Erin McLendon, DDS & Associates - family and cosmetic dentistry, the team of expert dentists uses tooth-colored fillings to repair enamel damage caused by decay. To make an appointment at the practice in San Antonio, Texas, call the office today or book online.

Tooth-Colored Fillings Q&A

What are tooth-colored fillings?

Tooth-colored fillings repair minor enamel damage caused by a cavity or oral trauma. Unlike traditional amalgam fillings, tooth-colored fillings mimic the light-reflecting properties and color of your natural enamel. That allows the restoration to blend in with your smile, ensuring no one knows you’ve had work done.

What does getting tooth-colored fillings involve?

Getting a tooth-colored filling takes one appointment.

First, your provider conducts an oral exam and takes a series of X-rays to assess your tooth. Next, they administer a local anesthetic to numb your mouth and carefully remove the decaying or damaged portion of your tooth.

After preparing your tooth, your provider sterilizes it and fills the cavity with a tooth-colored composite resin. Then, your provider points a special light at the resin, which causes it to dry and harden.

Once the filling dries and cures, your provider polishes it and provides you with at-home care instructions.  

How long does it take to get a tooth-colored filling?

The length of time that it takes to get a tooth-colored filling depends on several factors, including the extent of the damage or decay and the number of teeth receiving a filling. If you only need one filling, the appointment takes 30-45 minutes. If you need two or more fillings, the appointment takes an hour or longer.

What is recovery like after getting a tooth-colored filling?

After you receive a tooth-colored filling, it’s normal to experience some increased tooth sensitivity once the anesthesia wears off. To minimize any discomfort, the team recommends:

  • Using a desensitizing toothpaste
  • Brushing and flossing gently
  • Avoiding extremely hot or extremely cold foods
  • Avoiding spicy foods

You might also want to take over-the-counter pain medication or chew on the opposite side of your mouth for a day or two.

How long do tooth-colored fillings last?

The lifespan of tooth-colored fillings depends on how well you take care of them. That said, most fillings last 5-10* years. To keep yours in optimal condition, the team recommends brushing and flossing daily, visiting the practice two times a year, and avoiding bad habits like chewing on pen caps or opening packaging with your teeth.

To explore the benefits of tooth-colored fillings, make an appointment at Erin McLendon, DDS & Associates - family and cosmetic dentistry by clicking the online booking tool or calling the office today.

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